Real Brides: Charlotte

Hallo everyone!

I’m very excited to bring you another my series of interviews with brides for whom I have designed and made jewellery and accessories.

Charlotte got in touch with me after winning a voucher as part of a fabulous competition run by Kelly, of the Boho Wedding Blog. Over to Charlotte for her tips and advice on choosing your jewellery and accessories for your wedding day:


At what stage in the whole wedding planning process did you start thinking about your jewellery and accessories?

I would probably say I started thinking about jewellery from a year beforehand. It was nothing I worried about, just something I would casually think about every now and again.

How did you decide what accessories to wear?

I always knew I wanted to wear my pearl necklace. The necklace was given to me as my 18th present from my nana, so it had a personal meaning behind it. With my hair accessories and earrings, I just wanted something as unique as I could find.


Image courtesy of Duncan Payne


Is there any advice about jewellery and accessories that you could give a bride to be?

Be flexible and take the advice that Sonia shares with you. Sonia will want to make something perfect for you, but it is good to remember she knows what will work logistically too. Also find photos of items you like, this will particularly help those who are communicating via email. Photos will help Sonia get a fuller picture of what you would like. 


Charlotte had, in fact, sent me a picture of a pair of earrings that she liked in her very first email to me. We chatted some more by email, and I narrowed down what she had liked about them. I took this as the starting point for her own design. 

The teardrop shapes we decided on were perfect, as they were reminiscent of vintage and antique earring shapes. They were also very elegant in their design and light to wear. I suggested decorating them with very small Swarovski pearls to tie the design in with Charlotte’s dress and necklace, and added some very small clear Swarovski crystals to catch the light as she moved.


Image courtesy of Duncan Payne


What did you enjoy most about having your jewellery designed and made for you?

I loved knowing on my wedding day that no one else will ever be wearing the same earrings. During the designing time, it was great bringing together the exact style you would like.

What did you enjoy most about your big day?

It was just a beautiful day full of celebration with people that mean the most to me and my husband, James. I loved those short moments within a busy day, where as a newly married couple, you get time for you.



What are you enjoying most about married life?

It is just amazing knowing you will be with the one you love for the rest of your like. And within day to day living, it is just great knowing you always have that support and hug when you need it. 


Thank you to Charlotte for sharing her thoughts and tips! And please feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to make an appointment to come and see some of my ready-to-wear collection in my studio, or have a chat about designing your own pieces.




Many thanks to Duncan Payne for allowing me to use his images on my blog

You can visit his website here


Boho Wedding Blog

You can read more about Charlotte’s wonderful wedding on Kelly’s wedding blog

The Boho Wedding Blog


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