I Heart Flowers on bridal trends for 2013

Hallo everyone!
I’m delighted to bring you another in the ‘Bridal Trends for 2013’ that I’m currently. Today’s post is by the very talented Glasgow-based florist, Sophie of I Heart Flowers.
I’ve worked with Sophie on a number of occasions now, and really love the creativity and imagination that she brings to her work. Over to Sophie for what to look out for in 2013:
‘The vintage trend is still very strong with many couples opting for soft peaches, antique pinks and creams in their wedding flowers. In 2013 I think this style will still be popular, but with people adding more colourful or more modern twists to the vintage theme. I’ve had requests for dusky pinks and lilacs, but with pops of brighter colours such as lime green or magenta for a brighter look.
Couples who prefer a more contemporary style are also looking for a twist on designs for their flowers. I’ve seen a step towards using more unusual flowers and foliage alongside classic flowers such as roses and orchids, or using a very soft foliage such as lambs ear to give a romantic feel to a more modern style of bouquet.’
A huge thank you to Sophie for taking the time out to contribute to my blog at a very busy time of year! You can read about Sophie’s latest work on her beautiful blog, and keep up to date with all the latest news on her Facebook page and through her twitter account.

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