Lea-Ann Belter on bridal trends for 2013

Hallo everyone!
I’m really delighted to introduce another fabulous post featuring some of the wedding industry’s leading figures on bridal trends for 2013.
With specially-selected stockists in Canada, the States and the UK, Lea-Ann Belter is a designer with an international reputation. Each dress is designed, handmade and hand finished in her Toronto studio. The emphasis is on elegant and timeless designs, on luxurious fabrics, on understated details and on the most exquisite workmanship. Her insight has the easy, natural authority borne of over twenty years experience spent designing and making gowns to the very highest standards. Over to Lea-Ann for what to expect for 2013:
On our studio wall here in Toronto, sketches for Lea-Ann Belter Bridal‘s 2013 collection hang ready for production.
We’ve got gowns of Chantilly and French Alençon lace, English net…all soft and romantic!
While that feel is often reflected in my gowns, like many bridal designers preparing for next season,
I’m increasingly drawn to a more shabby-chic yet modern aesthetic.


Lace, which has been an ongoing trend, harmonizes beautifully with this sort of dreamy style,
so it will certainly continue to be seen on runways far and wide.
As for silhouettes, expect to see pared-down interpretations of classic shapes –
A-lines, mermaids, column, and bias-cut sheaths.


A heartfelt thank you to Lea-Ann (and her wonderful team!) for so generously sharing her work and vision with me. You can follow Lea-Ann on Twitter and Facebook, and read more about her beautiful designs on her blog.
UK Stockists
Newcastle Upon Tyne
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